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Give Your Audience a Voice!

Collect real-time, in-the-moment feedback and reactions to presentations and any other live event from any audience, anywhere. 

How It Works

Vaudience gives your audience a simple interface to react and comment as your event takes place. It's a simple web page that works in any browser. To react or comment, they simply tap a button. Here's an example:

The buttons can be anything you like. We have a selection of built-in options and can upload custom options on request.

While your event is unfolding, you can review incoming questions and comments, and make sure your audience gets answers they'll all care about. What's more, they can react to the answers too!

After the event, you can review the feedback and reactions in the session's Vaudience Analytics. If you recorded the event, we can match the recording to your data so you can analyze it even more accurately.

Your attendees can sign in to the session too, and see a personalized recap of the feedback and comments they submitted during the session. Their very own highlight reel.

analytics example

So What?

Vaudience gives you information about your events that is almost impossible to capture any other way.

Here are some examples of what you can discover using Vaudience:

  • Who won the debate?
  • Who attended the session?
  • Are your employees happy with the benefit changes you just announced?
  • Is the board of directors pleased with your results?
  • Are the VC's reacting positively to your pitch?
  • Does the client like your proposal?
  • Which points in your presentation are resonating with audiences?
  • Which points are audiences uninterested in?
  • Which part of the Q&A did your audience agree was an important question?
  • Is your material too simple or complex for this audience?
  • Are you getting better at presenting this material over time?
  • How many people were paying attention?
  • Is your value proposition hitting?

Who Is It For?

Vaudience is for anyone who gives presentations or organizes meetings where people present information. Here are just a few examples of how Vaudience can be used:

  • Focus groups
  • Performance Previews
  • Debate and interview prep
  • Sales training
  • Startup pitches and pitch competitions
  • All Hands and Townhall meetings
  • Political speeches and debates
  • Conference presentations
  • Quarterly results calls
  • Lectures
  • Panels
  • Product update and roadmap presentations
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Our founder, John Nolt, has spent his career devoted to fostering understanding and collaboration. From a degree in education to technical writing to product management and finally people management, he continued to experience the same connected frustrations time and time again.

  • Brilliant but socially awkward colleagues unable to contribute to discussions.
  • Design meetings where everyone just agrees with the boss.
  • Presentations where there's no way to provide feedback
  • Presentations where there's no way to collect feedback
  • Wasted Q&A sessions full of irrelevant questions and grandstanding audience members
  • Long disorganized emails full of comments on recorded content being prepared
John had a simple idea for a solution to those problems. So he gathered a strong team who share the vision and possess the skill and experience to make that idea real. We call it Vaudience, and we think it can change the way the world shares information.
Vaudience Logo